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Binding the Strongman (1 CD)

Binding the Strongman (1 CD)

There are strongmen in the demonic kingdom, “ruler” spirits over individuals, families, cities and nations. Scripture reveals that there are also Godly, angelic rulers assigned over every family and nation. God has an army. He is the Lord of Hosts, the “Lord of Armies.”

In Daniel 10, the command was issued for Michael to fight against the strongman holding the people of Israel in bondage. He came against the prince of Persia, so that God’s people might be set free and return to their homeland. Before this event ever took place on earth it was accomplished first in the Heavenly realm. The powers of the demonic princes were broken by the angelic forces of the hosts of God and it set the people of God free.

In this teaching, Frank Hammond explains that Jesus said that now His Church can join the angelic hosts of heaven in coming against the rulers of the Satanic kingdom.
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  • 9780892283644
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