Annihilating the Hosts of Hell

Chapter 1: Various Prophecies & Assaulting the Enemy
Chapter 2: Attack! Attack! Attack!
Chapter 3: Results when Demonization of Christians is Denied
Chapter 4: Evidences of Deliverance in Early Church History
Chapter 5: Witchcraft (Psychic Prayer Equals Witchcraft, Breaking the Powers of Witchcraft, Star of David's Cabalistic Connections)
Chapter 6: Curses (Biblical Curses, A Curse Against Protestants)
Chapter 7: Religious Deception
Chapter 8: Who is a Believer?
Chapter 9: Provide Proper Spiritual Covering (Spirit of Absalom, Following God's Leaders, A Prayer for our Nation, Prayer Confession for Your Pastir)
Chapter 10: Marks of Cultism
Chapter 11: Notes on Soul Ties
Chapter 12: Medicine's Bondage to Satan (Hippocratic Oath, etc.)
Chapter 13: Spirit of Paralysis
Chapter 14: The Occult (Martial Arts, Acupuncture, Dungeons and Dragons, Transcendental Meditation, etc.)
Chapter 15: Testimonies of Deliverance

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  • 9781930275034