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WITNESSING TRACTS: Remembering God's Promises (Pack of 25)

WITNESSING TRACTS: Remembering God's Promises (Pack of 25)

WITNESSING TRACTS: Remembering God's Promises (Pack of 25)


This tract helps readers combat the false messages they hear in the world by pointing them to 9 specific promises of God that are the path to fullness of life in Christ.

In our world there are thousands of weary souls and troubled hearts, people yearning for satisfaction in life but finding mostly disappointment. But it doesn’t have to be that way.


Jesus Christ promised life and promised it in abundance. Moreover, he has done everything in his matchless power to fulfill the promise.


On the cross, Jesus purged the power of what ruins life—sin. On the cross, he paid the penalty of what ends life—death. In the resurrection, he opened the door to a new way to be human—fullness of life. In the combined work of the cross and the resurrection, he purified hearts and fitted them to be vessels of his life. It is a life overbrimming with love, power, truth, peace, goodness, righteousness, comfort, and joy.




  • Salvation Tract

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