The Real Christ

The Real Christ

“The representations of Christ by many poets, essayists, and preachers, while not so grossly false, are nevertheless unsatisfying,” said R. A. Torrey. Almost everyone we talk to has a different interpretation of the person of Christ—who He was and what He stood for. This prompted Torrey on a journey to discover the real Christ—the Christ whom God reveals to us in His Word.

Through this book, you will encounter…

  • Christ’s love for the Father
  • His love for men
  • His humility, manliness, and compassion
  • His prayerfulness


Join R. A. Torrey on a journey to discover the real Christ, not the Christ of Western society or the one we often fabricate in our minds. Learn who the real Christ is, the Christ of God’s own appointment, whom Christ reveals to us through the written Word.

  • Paperback
  • 9781603747257

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