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The Four Aspects of the Cross (2 CDs)

The Four Aspects of the Cross (2 CDs)

Have you ever needed a solid foundation for expelling guilt from your life? This teaching by Derek is it! 


Derek explains in clear and concise manner the problem with GUILT in the life of someone who has been purchased by the blood of Jesus.


Satan's #1 weapon against believers in Jesus is GUILT. He uses it constantly to OBSCURE the victory gained for us at the cross. The more the enemy can obscure the cross in our eyes, the LESS effective we become for Jesus. Our passion to talk about Him, to spend time with Him, to worship Him, to approach Him in our time of need is sapped.


Derek makes a powerful distinction between the vagueness of GUILT and the specific nature of CONVICTION by the Holy Spirit.


Need a refresher on how incredible Jesus is? Listen to this 2 part CD message, including:


Two CD Audio Series
• God's Remedy for Guilt / Perfect Sacrifice
• The Cross Obscured / The Cross in Your Life

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