The Charles Capps Package

The Charles Capps Package


Build your Charles Capps Library and enjoy his messages with this single package price. Includes his 22 books and booklets:

• Tongue - A Creative Force
• Faith And Confession
• Success Motivation
• Your Spiritual Authority
• When Jesus Prays Through You
• Gods Creative Power For Finances
• Gods Creative Power For Healing
• Gods Creative Power Will Work For You
• Releasing The Ability Of God Through Prayer
• Angels
• Changing the Unseen
• End Time Events
• Faith That Will Work for You
• God's Image of You
• Light of Life in the Spirit of Man
• Kicking Over Sacred Cows
• Substance of Things
• Triumph Over the Enemy
• How You Can Avoid Tragedy
• Faith That Will Not Change
• Seedtime & Harvestime
• Hope: A Partner To Faith

Enjoy his messages on Faith, Healing, Confession, and more for a special package price.

  • 22 Book Package

  • In One Package!

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