Psalm 91 Military Edition

You will be taken through Psalm 91 verse-by-verse, unfolding the promises of protection from God. While there are other promises of protection found throughout the Bible, Psalm 91 is the only place in the Word where all of them are brought together in one collection.Along with the author's in-depth teaching, this book is full of heart-wrenching testimonies from servicemen who have seen firsthand God\u2019s protective hand. Testimonies include those who survived a Nazi prison camp and have endured the turbulent times while fighting recently in Iraq, as well as a story from legendary author Corrie Ten Boom.Come and understand God\u2019s protection and become inspired and encouraged from those who have seen His protection firsthand. We will remember that the Lord has not made us to fear but to have power, love, and a sound mind.

"My company held what was called the cloverleaf on the eastern edge of Fallujah from June to September of 2004. From the first of June until the 24th, things were quiet in the city. The morning of the 24th started out with a small concentration of small arms, mortar and RPG fire on our positions, which were still not built or reinforced all that well other than dirt berms and sandbags... I was at the firm base with two squads from the third platoon in high-back Hummers. We could hear fighting from the Forward Operating Base, and when word came we immediately launched to go reinforce the platoon that was there in the fight. When we arrived, we had already taken one casualty, and the fire had intensified to an insane level. The buildings on the northern and western sides gave the insurgents perfect cover to lay intense, concentrated fire on our positions within five hundred meters. Even as our fire support began to come on the scene (CAAT, TOW, AC-201 Spectra gunships), the insurgents did not let up. I just remember praying the whole time - I was praying in the Spirit and praying the 91st Psalm.

Finally, there was a lull after six to seven hour exchange of fire. At that point, we had taken seven casualties, five from our company and two from the supporting units. But even the circumstances of those Marine's wounds were miraculous in nature and we did not have a single KIA (killed in action). Sniper fire had resulted in two of our Marines being shot in the head. In both cases, however, the bullets had not penetrated the bone - the only left a gash where the bullet traveled along the skull. Another Marine was hit in the right knee. The bullet went right under the kneecap and between the bones, leaving a clean penetration that has not impaired his full recovery. I consider all this miraculous considering what the wounds could have been under those conditions..." - A Portion of Jacob Weise's testimony, Corporal US Marine Corps

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