Moving In The Apostolic (Revised & Updated)

Moving In The Apostolic (Revised & Updated)

In Bible times, apostolos was a word used by the Greeks and Romans to describe special military envoys who were handpicked, given all power and authority, and charged to subdue, conquer, train and establish their kingdom in new territories.


Today we translate this word as apostle. And today we are still being called, like the first-century apostles, to subdue and conquer the enemy. To instruct, train and establish the Kingdom in people's hearts. But if we are to see the Church fulfill her mission—advancing the Kingdom—we need to understand her apostolic dimension.


With clarity and insight, bestselling author John Eckhardt clarifies the gift and functions of apostolic ministry in Moving in the Apostolic. He shows how to discern the difference between the office of apostle and the gifting and calling of every believer—including you. And he reveals how you can restore this vital identity to yourself and to the Church.

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