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Miracles in the Petén - Spiritual Warfare on the Mission Field

Miracles in the Petén - Spiritual Warfare on the Mission Field


Missionary Nancy Henson has seen many such miracles in the villages of the Petén in northern Guatemala. Through her work as a medical missionary, she has witnessed miraculous healings, divine intervention, even someone close to her being raised from the dead.

Because of her efforts to bring the light of Jesus to this ancient region of Mayandom, she has also come up against Satanic powers and principalities in the spiritual realm. She has waged war against them in her quest to reclaim the heart of the Mayan for Jesus Christ.

"In a hurried tone, the pastor’s wife said “Here, I want to show you something.” She took my hand and led me to a house in the town that was being built by five witches. They had come from Mexico to set up shop in this small border town of Guatemala.

As we stepped into the construction site, we found various building materials scattered around, as well as personal belongings. There was nothing unusual about the house. It was then that I saw the wall. The hate-filled words were scrawled in Spanish: “¡No Mas Henson!” - No More Henson!

It struck like a knife in my heart. Those witches from Mexico knew my last name! Nobody here knows my last name. To the people of this small border town, I am simply known as “Nancy.” These Mexican witches knew my name because the evil spirits operating through them knew my name. We knelt outside that house and cast those evil spirits out of the town, commanding them never to return."

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  • 9780892282005

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