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Make Yourself Ready (Deliverance Series Vol 1)

Make Yourself Ready (Deliverance Series Vol 1)

We ignore the Ministry of Deliverance at our peril. Deliverance is a genuine ministry provided by Jesus Christ on the cross for the day in which we live. It is too late in God’s timetable to hold back this truth any longer. God’s revelation and solution to our addictions, our fears and our torments must be made known as a matter of urgency. The time is short. The world is in big trouble and Jesus is coming soon for a beautiful bride – the Universal Church. Unfortunately, if He came today, He would be marrying a very troubled, divided, unclean lady. The Bride must make herself ready. The Promised Land was the legal possession of Joshua and the Israelites, yet they still needed to invade the land in battle formation. The battles had to be fought for what was already theirs by right. In the same manner, our legal rights have been obtained – the peace, joy and good fruit of the Kingdom; but now we have to fight for them to become a reality. The enemies of God are just as reluctant to acknowledge their defeat today as they were in Joshua’s time. We need to lay claim to that which God has provided in His New Covenant if we are to obtain the benefits and victories that the Covenant offers. Now is the time!
  • Paperback
  • 9780947252014
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