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Forgiving Others: The Key To Healing & Deliverance

Forgiving Others: The Key To Healing & Deliverance

Unforgiveness brings a curse, and can be a major roadblock to the deliverance and freedom of your soul. In this booklet, you will find the spiritual truths regarding the necessity of forgiveness and the blessings of inner freedom which result! As we let go of the rocks we have been carrying, we can hand them over to Jesus. Our future will change for the better through this act of obedience.

The topics Frank Hammond covers include:
  • The Liberating Benefits of Forgiving Others
  • The High Cost of Not Forgiving Others
  • Characteristics & Benefits of True Forgiveness
  • A Specific Prayer For Forgiving Others,
... and more!

  • We have two choices in dealing with offenses. We can apply either law or grace. The law advocates an eye for an eye: doing to others as they do to us and returning evil for evil. Grace, on the other hand, returns good for evil and blesses those who curse us. Cursing those who curse us is an example of the law approach. Blessing those who curse us is an example of the grace approach. In Christ, we are no longer to be governed by law but by grace.

    What difference does it make whether we react to hurts with law or grace? It makes a vast difference. If we respond with reprisals, then we give place to the devil and are brought into bondage. When we respond in grace, then we have favor with God: we merit His blessings.

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