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Audio CD: Faith Classics (6 CD)

Audio CD: Faith Classics (6 CD)

Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin is considered by many to be the father of the modern-day faith movement. He taught the message of faith for almost 70 years, and his teachings have gone around the world. This six-CD set contains some of his most popular messages on the fundamentals of faith. They are sure to change your life as they have changed the lives of countless others.

Discs include:
• Disc 1—Six Big Hindrances to Faith
• Disc 2—Confession Brings Possession
• Disc 3—Corresponding Actions
• Disc 4—You Can Have What You Say
• Disc 5—How to Write Your Own Ticket
• Disc 6—How to Train the Human Spirit

  • CD
  • CS16H

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