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FRANK HAMMOND PACKAGE (Without Pigs in the Parlor or Study Guide)
"FRANK HAMMOND PACKAGE (Without Pigs in the Parlor or Study Guide)"
Frank Hammond
The FRANK HAMMOND Book Package
Enjoy 25 Frank Hammond titles for one special price!

For those who have read Pigs in the Parlor and want to experience the rest of Frank's work, now you can order a set of Frank's Books and Booklets in one package for a special price! Enjoy Frank's books and booklets - excluding Pigs in the Parlor and the Study Guide - in this set of books. This package includes:

• Overcoming Rejection
• Breaking of Curses
• Demons & Deliverance
• Kingdom Living for the Family
• Saints at War
• Comfort for the Wounded Spirit
• Manual on Children's Deliverance
• The Christian & Demons - Can a Christian be Possessed?

• The Discerning of Spirits
• Repercussions from Sexual Sins
• Soul Ties
• Confronting Familiar Spirits
• The Marriage Bed
• Praise - A Weapon of Warfare & Deliverance
• Spiritual Warfare for Lost Loved Ones
• Poltergeist: Demons in the Home
• The Strongman of Unbelief
• God Warns America
• The Father's Blessing
• Forgiving Others
• Our Warfare
• The Tale of Two Franks
• The Perils of Passivity
• Promoted by God
• Obstacles to Deliverance & Why Deliverance Sometimes Fails

Note: This package includes all of Frank Hammond's books and booklets but excluding Pigs in the Parlor and the Study Guide for Pigs in the Parlor.

Price: $204.00   Packages
Product Code: FH11 PACK
Sale price: $168.00   You Save: $36.00!


FRANK HAMMOND PACKAGE (With Pigs in the Parlor & Study Guide)
"FRANK HAMMOND PACKAGE (With Pigs in the Parlor & Study Guide)"
Frank Hammond
This package includes Pigs in the Parlor and the Study Guide

All Books and Booklets by Frank Hammond including PIGS IN THE PARLOR and the STUDY GUIDE for PIGS IN THE PARLOR. This package includes Pigs in the Parlor, his groundbreaking book on Deliverance, and the companion Study Guide.

A Total of 27 Books and Booklets!

Price: $228.00   Packages
Product Code: FH11PIP PACK
Sale price: $188.00   You Save: $40.00!


Bill Banks
Ten powerful books for one special price!

Order the Bill Banks "Power for Deliverance & Healing Series" for one special price. This package includes his groundbreaking books on deliverance, his cancer healing testimony, and his other revelatory books on healing the sick and oppressed.

  • Breaking Unhealthy Soul Ties
  • Songs of Deliverance
  • Deliverance from Fat & Eating Disorders
  • Deliverance for Children & Teens
  • Deliverance from Childlessness
  • Ministering to Abortion's Aftermath
  • Shame Free!
  • Alive Again
  • Overcoming Blocks to Healing
  • Three Kinds of Faith for Healing

Build your knowledge of deliverance and healing, and join the fight to set the captives free, with this one powerful package.

Price: $113.49   Packages
Product Code: BB07 PACK
Sale price: $79.95   You Save: $33.54!


Frank Hammond DVD PACKAGE
"Frank Hammond DVD PACKAGE"
Frank Hammond
The Frank Hammond DVD Package

Build your Frank Hammond DVD Library in one step!

This package includes nine DVDs, including:

• The Schizophrenia Revelation
• Binding the Strongman
• Breaking Curses
• Obstacles to Deliverance
• Deliverance from Self
• Breaking Demonic Soul Ties
• Mind, Will, Emotions
• The Wiles of the Devil
• Can a Christian Have a Demon?

This package is available at a special price.

* Each DVD ranges from 43 minutes to 3 Hours, and each is built according to NTSC - the North American Television Standard.

Price: $139.55   Packages
Product Code: fhdvdpack
Sale price: $111.95   You Save: $27.60!


Frank Hammond
The Frank Hammond Audio Library Package

Find all the wonderful Audio Teaching by Frank Hammond in one place. In this set, you will find his teaching on Deliverance, Soul Ties, Rejection, Familiar Spirits, and so much more. No one could explain these things in such a down-to-earth manner quite like Frank Hammond.

The list of titles includes:

Binding the Strongman (1 CD)
The Discerning of Spirits (1 CD)
Rejection - Cause & Cure (1 CD)
Spoiling the Enemy's House (1 CD)
Obstacles to Deliverance (1 CD)
Familiar Spirits (1 CD)
Freedom from Demonic Soul Ties (2 CDs)
Breaking Strongholds (2 CDs)
The Deliverance Series (7 CDs)
Freedom from Bondage Series (6 CDs)
End Time Series (6 CDs)
Message on Love Series (5 CDs)
Recognizing God Series (3 CDs)
Spiritual Meat Series (6 CDs)

If you enjoy listening to good teaching, while driving, cooking, traveling, or just to learn, these teachings will fill your life with Holy Spirit words of wisdom and knowledge.

Price: $249.95   Packages
Product Code: FH_AUDIO_PACK
Sale price: $185.95   You Save: $64.00!


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