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DVD SERIES: The Schizophrenia Revelation
"DVD SERIES: The Schizophrenia Revelation"
Frank Hammond
DVD SERIES: The Schizophrenia Revelation (2 DVDs)

Schizophrenia is a disturbance, a distortion or a disintegration of a person’s soul, also known as their personality. Most of us have battled, or are battling, this demonic strategy in our lives to some degree. The powerful and surprising truth contained in this two-part teaching is that this pattern of demonic spirits is common throughout all mankind, and represents Satan’s plan to bring God’s people into bondage. Over the course of decades of deliverance ministry, Frank and Ida Mae Hammond have identified the wound of rejection as the door opening spirit, and the strongman that brings with it this network of demonic spirits.

The result of this revelation was a diagram, given by the Lord to the Hammonds, that describes in detail the tie between passive and aggressive spirits in an individual’s life. The real self is buried beneath all this demonic garbage, but it has the potential, through deliverance and repentance, to grow and mature in Christlikeness, and to be made whole.

At the end of this teaching, Frank Hammond ministers powerful deliverance for over 30 minutes against the root spirits of Rejection and Rebellion, and works through the network of spirits behind Schizophrenia.

* 3 Hours & 22 minutes
* (NTSC - North American Television Standard)

Price: $19.95   DVD
Product Code: 0892282231
Sale price: $14.95   You Save: $5.00!


DVD: Breaking Curses
"DVD: Breaking Curses"
Frank Hammond
DVD: Breaking Curses (1 DVD)

Is there a curse operating in your life?

Curses are real. Frank Hammond has broken curses off many lives through his years of ministry, and he shares a number of miraculous testimonies in this teaching. Hear about a young man who had been deaf and mute since birth, but is healed through the breaking of a curse; and a woman with a lifelong history of mental illness, set free through the breaking of a generational curse.

The Bible enumerates a variety of sins which open the door for curses to become established in our lives, and also lists the effects caused by these curses. Frank Hammond teaches, in a powerful fashion, that behind every curse is a demon. The good news is that provision has been made on the Cross for every curse to be broken and defeated. Through the Name of Jesus, we have the authority to cast out the demons that are behind the power of curses.

At the end of this DVD, Frank Hammond conducts powerful deliverance ministry to break the curses in your life, including curses from involvement in the occult, cults, eastern religions, sexual sins, illegitimacy, abortion, poverty, unemployment, debt, sickness, pain, death and disease, cancerous tumors, headaches, and more.

* 1 Hour & 15 minutes
* (NTSC - North American Television Standard)

Price: $14.95   DVD
Product Code: 0892282282
Sale price: $9.95   You Save: $5.00!


DVD: Breaking Demonic Soul Ties
"DVD: Breaking Demonic Soul Ties"
Frank Hammond
DVD: Breaking Demonic Soul Ties (1 DVD)

What is a soul tie?

Is there a scriptural basis for these bondages? Are they always demonic? How are they formed? How can they be broken?

Soul ties were created by God as a healthy and normal part of human existence. Satan, however, took the pure and the holy soul tie and perverted it, thus opening the door for his evil spirits to come into a person’s life. For every Godly soul tie, Satan has developed a counterfeit, unholy tie.

Marriage is an example of a Godly bond between a husband and wife, while adultery and fornication create demonic soul ties outside of the marriage covenant.

In this teaching, Frank Hammond describes how both good and evil soul ties are formed, and how we can live in the freedom purchased for us by Jesus Christ. Frank includes powerful ministry at the end of his teaching to break demonic soul ties, including those formed with sexual spirits and self-centered spirits.

* 1 Hour & 46 minutes
* (NTSC - North American Television Standard)

Price: $14.95   DVD
Product Code: 0892282215
Sale price: $9.95   You Save: $5.00!


DVD: Binding the Strongman
"DVD: Binding the Strongman"
Frank Hammond
DVD: Binding the Strongman (1 DVD)

Is there a strongman in your life?

Most Christians are living with hindrances and hang-ups that are keeping them from enjoying the fullness of God’s presence and blessings. God called Moses to deliver His people so that “they may serve Me.” That is how you know you are free – when you are free to do what God has called you to do, and to serve Him.

The devil is the strongman. Satan assigns certain demons over nations and cities. He even sends evil spirits against churches. We are called to enter the strongman’s house and to spoil it. What does it mean to “spoil” his house? It means you are called to take back all that the devil has stolen from you. If we are walking in obedience, then we ought to be able to claim the peace and the prosperity of God, and to be overcomers, living in the victory of the Kingdom of God.

Special ministry at the end of this teaching against: addictions, life threatening problems (cancer, diabetes, stroke, etc.), financial stress, and curses from neighbors.

* 55 minutes
* (NTSC - North American Television Standard)

Price: $14.95   DVD
Product Code: 0892282258
Sale price: $9.95   You Save: $5.00!


DVD: Obstacles to Deliverance
"DVD: Obstacles to Deliverance"
Frank Hammond
DVD: Obstacles to Deliverance (1 DVD)

Are there obstacles that stand in the way of us receiving deliverance? And are there obstacles that stand in the way of us becoming deliverance ministers?

In this insightful teaching, Frank Hammond enumerates 14 common misperceptions and lies of the enemy that keep people from realizing their potential in Jesus Christ.

When we entered into our salvation in Jesus, we were inducted into the army of God and issued spiritual armor and spiritual weapons, as shown in Ephesian 6 and 1 Corinthians 10. Through His Word, God has pointed out who the enemy is, that he is real, and has instructed us to take an active, aggressive stance against him.

However, many Christians shy away from this duty due to a variety of fears, including fear of demons, fear of demonic retaliation, and fear of what man might think. In this DVD, Frank Hammond addresses these obstacles, and shines the light of truth of God’s Word to expel these hindering lies of the enemy.

Frank ministers briefly at the end of this teaching in the area of territorial warfare, and comes against religious pride, tradition, conformity, and denominational arrogance.

* 52 minutes
* (NTSC - North American Television Standard)

Price: $14.95   DVD
Product Code: 0892282290
Sale price: $9.95   You Save: $5.00!


DVD: Can a Christian Have a Demon?
"DVD: Can a Christian Have a Demon?"
Frank Hammond
Can a Christian Have a Demon? (1 DVD)

Despite what you may have heard... Deliverance is a provision of the cross of Jesus Christ. Satan’s kingdom exists for the purpose of bringing people into bondage. The good news is that Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil.

When a Canaanite woman approached Jesus and pleaded for Him to cast the demon out of her child, Jesus referred to the ministry of deliverance as the “children’s bread.” In fact, Frank points out that Matthew 12 specifically warns against casting demons out of someone who has not accepted Jesus as Savior. If not for the unsaved, then for whom is deliverance meant?

We are called to crucify the flesh, and to cast out demons. It is our flesh that often opens the doors to demonic torment. Learning to walk in the Spirit and God’s love is the antidote to the encroachment of Satan’s kingdom.

Frank concludes his teaching with a salvation prayer, and powerful ministry against spirits of rejection, fear (panic, anxiety, worry), the curse of poverty, physical pain, mental illness and hearing voices.

* 54 minutes
* (NTSC - North American Television Standard)

Price: $14.95   DVD
Product Code: 0892282207
Sale price: $9.95   You Save: $5.00!


DVD: The Wiles of the Devil
"DVD: The Wiles of the Devil"
Frank Hammond
The Wiles of the Devil (1 DVD)

What is the Goal of your Christian life?

Your goal is to attack the kingdom of Satan and tear it down and replace it with the kingdom of God. Binding the enemy and delivering the earth is a key part of God’s plan to establish His kingdom on earth, as Revelation 20 demonstrates. You were once part of the kingdom of darkness, but you have been rescued and brought into the kingdom of God through salvation. And that kingdom can continue to grow in you until every part of your being – your mind, will, emotions, and body – is brought under the submission under the Lord Jesus. That is a battle.

In this teaching, Frank Hammond outlines the tactics and methods of Satan to bring God’s children into bondage. These “wiles” include Temptation, Accusation, Deception, Counterfeit, Mixture and Substitution. Through Jesus, we can take back everything the enemy has stolen through his deceit.

* 43 minutes
* (NTSC - North American Television Standard)

Price: $14.95   DVD
Product Code: 0892282223
Sale price: $9.95   You Save: $5.00!


DVD: The Mind Will & Emotions
"DVD: The Mind Will & Emotions"
Frank Hammond
The Mind, Will & Emotions (1 DVD)

Our soul consists of three elements – mind, emotions and will. It is in these three areas that we need to practice discipline in order to avoid demonic bondages, and to remain free to live up to our true potential in Jesus Christ.

An undisciplined mind is characterized by a proneness to be fearful, tormented, pressured, confused or polluted with unclean thoughts. It is often a hyperactive mind, not settled in the peace of God. In the same sense, our emotions must be brought under the control of the Holy Spirit. If your emotions are not under control, or you are emotionally distraught, then you cannot function as a spiritual man. King David often had to bring his soul back into alignment with God’s promises, as evidenced in the Psalms. Our wills also have to be aligned with the will of God as expressed through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. If our will is not, then we are open to two extremes… rebellion or passivity, both being door openers to demonic spirits.

The good news is that you can be delivered from mind-binding spirits, rollercoaster emotions, and a rebellious or passive will!

* 50 minutes
* (NTSC - North American Television Standard)

Price: $14.95   DVD
Product Code: 0892282266
Sale price: $9.95   You Save: $5.00!


DVD: Deliverance from Self
"DVD: Deliverance from Self"
Frank Hammond
Deliverance from Self (1 DVD)

Are you living up to your potential in Jesus Christ? Some Christians are not, and there is one main reason why – our self gets in the way. But there is good news!

Jesus wants us to represent His kingdom to the world as long as we are alive. He wants us to be of the maximum use – to achieve our very top potential – as a believer. But there is an enemy, the devil and his hosts of evil spirits, and they have a different goal. Their goal is to prevent us from being our best, from coming into Christlikeness, to keep us from being effective servants for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Every demon has some association with self. We have to be delivered from self-centered spirits and behaviors in order to live up to the true potential in Jesus. Then we are free to live according to the leadership of the Holy Spirit in our life.

Frank concludes this teaching with powerful deliverance ministry against spirits of rejection, undiagnosed pain, the occult, abuse and violence in families, and abandonment.

* 48 minutes
* (NTSC - North American Television Standard)

Price: $14.95   DVD
Product Code: 089228224X
Sale price: $9.95   You Save: $5.00!


DVD SERIES: War in Heaven and Earth
"DVD SERIES: War in Heaven and Earth "
Derek Prince

As Christians, we are involved in a wrestling match—both individually and corporately. In order to be victorious, we must understand the origin of this conflict and the structure of our enemy's kingdom.

Price: $17.95   DVD
Product Code: DTS027


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