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DVD SERIES: Believers Authority
"DVD SERIES: Believers Authority"
Kenneth Hagin, Sr.
DVD SERIES: Believers Authority (3 DVDs)

In this series, Rev. Kenneth Hagin offers clear, scriptural teaching on the subject of spiritual authority. He states, "Before Jesus comes again, there's going to be a whole company of believers who will rise up with the spiritual authority that is theirs...and they will do the work that God intended they should do." Now, this classic, bestselling teaching by Kenneth Hagin is available on DVD!

The Book of Ephesians unveils the believer's authority more fully than any other Epistle written to the Church. This series provides an in-depth scriptural study of the believer's authority in Christ by Rev. Kenneth Hagin Sr.

Price: $39.95   DVD
Product Code: 0901007641
Sale price: $35.95   You Save: $4.00!


DVD: Five Rules for a Successful Prayer Life
"DVD: Five Rules for a Successful Prayer Life"
Kenneth Hagin, Sr.
DVD: Five Rules for a Successful Prayer Life (1 DVD)

Learn to Pray With Power! In this classic message from a 1978 prayer seminar, Rev. Hagin explains five vital prayer principles. Using God's Word and vivid real-life illustrations, Brother Hagin describes practical steps believers can take to establish a powerful, effective prayer life.

The questions answered in this message include: Why Should I Pray in "Jesus' Name?", How Should I Pray for Unbelievers? What role does the Holy Spirit play in my Prayer Life? And more!

Price: $19.95   DVD
Product Code: 6901001355


DVD: Gods Heart for America
"DVD: Gods Heart for America"
Derek Prince

Is there hope for America? The answer is "Yes." And, the answer is "you!" Derek Prince declares that our hope is anchored in prayer and the Word. As you watch this DVD, ask the Lord to help you develop "God's Heart for America." Discover how you can make a significant difference in lives and in the nation.

Price: $9.95   DVD
Product Code: D4389


DVD: Thy Kingdom Come
"DVD: Thy Kingdom Come "
Derek Prince

The world's most influential person is the one who knows how to get his prayers answered. Learn the two basic conditions for accomplishing this: align with God's purpose and embrace God's will.

Price: $9.95   DVD
Product Code: D4335


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