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Derek Prince

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DVD SERIES: The Book of Romans (Vol. 1 - 4)
"DVD SERIES: The Book of Romans (Vol. 1 - 4)"
Derek Prince

Paul's letter to the Christians in Rome confronts us with some of the most challenging truths of the Bible.

In this comprehensive, 20-part series, Derek Prince takes you on a rigorous spiritual journey through the entire book of Romans, verse by verse. He concludes with the down-to-earth truths of chapters 12–16 with the key to your survival—how to live what you believe.

Twenty DVD Series:
Romans 1:1 - 1:17
Romans 1:18 - 2:16
Romans 2:10 - 3:20
Parenthesis / Romans 3:21 - 3:31
Romans 4:1 - 4:25
Romans 5:1 - 5:21
Romans 6:1 - 6:23
Romans 6:23 - 7:16
Romans 7:1 - 7:25
Romans 8:5 - 8:25
Romans 8:26 - 8:39
Romans 9:1 - 9:13
Romans 9:14 - 9:33
Romans 10:1 - 11:5
Romans 11:6 - 11:36
Romans 12:1 - 12:21
Romans 13:1 - 13:14
Romans 14:1 - 15:6
Romans 15:7 - 16:27

Price: $144.95   DVD
Product Code: DRPB


DVD SERIES: Seven Steps to Revival - Volumes 1 & 2
"DVD SERIES: Seven Steps to Revival - Volumes 1 & 2"
Derek Prince

The Lord allows His people to reach a place of utter helplessness and total reliance. But, when our prayer is based on this realization, the Lord's compassion prevails.

Seven DVD Series:

The Goal Is Love
What It Means to Love God
Grace vs. Law
Witchcraft in Disguise
The Prayer of Desperation
How to Live in a World Falling Apart

Price: $50.95   DVD
Product Code: DSSB


DVD: Two Harvests
"DVD: Two Harvests"
Derek Prince

The present age is closing with a vast, double harvest: salvation to the repentant, judgment on the rebellious. God is calling out laborers to reap the harvest of salvation.

Price: $9.95   DVD
Product Code: D4338


DVD: White Horse of the Gospel
"DVD: White Horse of the Gospel"
Derek Prince

Revelation, the last book of the Bible, describes four horsemen ushering in the end of the world as we know it. A white horse takes the lead and brings an urgent message to Christians everywhere. Discover the meaning of the message and how you should respond.

Price: $9.95   DVD
Product Code: D4328


DVD: Women in the Church
"DVD: Women in the Church"
Derek Prince

For many, the issue of women's place in the church is a topic fraught with confusion, misinformation and hurt feelings. What is the scriptural model to which we should conform?

Price: $9.95   DVD
Product Code: D4400


DVD SERIES: War in Heaven and Earth
"DVD SERIES: War in Heaven and Earth "
Derek Prince

As Christians, we are involved in a wrestling match—both individually and corporately. In order to be victorious, we must understand the origin of this conflict and the structure of our enemy's kingdom.

Price: $17.95   DVD
Product Code: DTS027


DVD SERIES: Longing for His Appearing
"DVD SERIES: Longing for His Appearing"
Derek Prince

Longing for His appearing identifies a special class of Christians who are promised a special reward. Are you one of them?

Two DVD Series
• Why Should We Be Longing?
• How Should We Prepare?

Price: $17.95   DVD
Product Code: DTS006


DVD: I'm Glad You Asked That
"DVD: I'm Glad You Asked That"
Derek Prince

Derek Prince deals with critical current issues: e.g. Predestination vs. free will; Christian reaction to abortion; Is the Church the new Israel?; Will the Church be a remnant?

Price: $9.95   DVD
Product Code: D4319


DVD: Gods Heart for America
"DVD: Gods Heart for America"
Derek Prince

Is there hope for America? The answer is "Yes." And, the answer is "you!" Derek Prince declares that our hope is anchored in prayer and the Word. As you watch this DVD, ask the Lord to help you develop "God's Heart for America." Discover how you can make a significant difference in lives and in the nation.

Price: $9.95   DVD
Product Code: D4389


DVD: 	 What It Means to Be a Man of God
"DVD: What It Means to Be a Man of God"
Derek Prince

God's heart for men is to see them walking out the destinies He has created for them. But before that can happen, they need to understand the primary roles God has assigned to them. Discover man's true calling—and learn how to fulfill it.

Price: $9.95   DVD
Product Code: D4412


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