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Kingdom Living for the Family
"Kingdom Living for the Family"
Frank Hammond
Kingdom Living for the Family

Restoring God's Peace, Joy and Righteousness in the Home

God has a specific plan for your family, one that includes the peace, joy and righteousness of the Kingdom of God. However, too many families have settled for much less than what God has provided.

Families today are hurting and broken as never before. Many are frustrated by the cycle of strife and discord between husbands and wives, and between parents and children. In this book, Frank and Ida Mae Hammond reveal God's strong desire to heal and deliver the family, and they present a realistic plan to bring its members into a place of security within God's will.

You will gain insights into:
  • The root causes of common problems in marriage
  • Spiritual warfare in the family
  • Scriptural guidance on the roles of husbands and wives
  • Bringing up children in the Lord, and more!

The truths contained in this book will enable you and those you care about to enjoy Kingdom Living for the Family!

Price: $11.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0892281006
Sale price: $10.95   You Save: $1.00!


Husbands and Fathers
"Husbands and Fathers"
Derek Prince
Husbands and Fathers
Rediscover the Creator's Purpose for Men

Derek Prince has often stated that absent or uninvolved males are the number-one problem in society. In this book Derek presents definitive guidelines for every man who wants to be a godly husband and father, who wants to live in a successful marriage. Here is exactly what men need to know... no pie-in-the-sky theories or culturally influenced backpedaling, just the simple truth of what the Bible says about husbands and fathers.

Chapters include:
• How I Became a Father
• Marriage As A Covenant
• The Role of the Husband
• The Role of the Wife
• The Missing Ingredient
• The Spiritual Authority of a Harmonious Marriage
• The Father As Priest
• The Father As Prophet
• The Father As King
• When Fathers Fail
• How You Can Succeed Despite Failure
• Spiritual Fatherhood
• A Word to the Fatherless
• and more!

Price: $13.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0800792742


The Fathers Blessing
"The Fathers Blessing"
Frank Hammond
The Father's Blessing
The Body of Christ is missing out on something of great significance!

Through surveys in multiple conferences, I’ve found very few persons who have ever received a father’s blessing through their earthly fathers. The father’s blessing is rarely experienced in Christian circles, even though this blessing is strongly mandated in scripture.

The absence of the blessing makes way for the curse to lay hold. In other words, the cause for curses in a person’s life may be due to the failure of a father to fulfill his responsibility to bless his child.

The power of a blessing is supernatural; it is the presence and work of the Holy Spirit, producing joy, peace, prosperity, fruitfulness; and providing health, success and protection. To be blessed is to be in God’s favor and to have His face to shine upon you.

Are you without a father to bless you? Perhaps your father is not a Christian, is deceased or has dropped out of your life. Or, he may not take the initiative to bless you. Do you yearn for a father’s blessing that you’ve never had? Do not despair. It is not too late!

A Frank Hammond Booklet.

Price: $5.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0892280743


Father God
"Father God"
Derek Prince
God longs for us to know Him not as our warden, our broker, or our boss, but as our Father.

Derek Prince reveals the blessings of truly knowing God as our Father.

Price: $2.95   Paperback
Product Code: 9781892283702


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