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Bill Banks

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Breaking Unhealthy Soul Ties
"Breaking Unhealthy Soul Ties"
Bill Banks
Breaking Unhealthy Soul Ties
Are you free to be all God intended you to be?

Are you in bondage to a person? Does someone manipulate you? Are you easily controlled, dominated? Are you tormented by thoughts of a former lover?

This book offers powerful help to being set free from unnatural bondages (or soul ties) to people, places, and things, such as ex-lovers, people around you who practice manipulation, and others. You will learn more about the characteristics of a Godly relationship and an Ungodly Relationship. You will find prayers you can pray yourself for deliverance from soul ties and curses, as well as testimonies of people who have been set free!

Chapters Include: Chapter I - The Soul & Its Function. Chapter II - Soul Ties, Both Godly & Ungodly. Chapter III - Harmful Adult Soul Ties Through Choices We Make. Chapter IV - Side Effects of Unhealthy Soul Ties. Chapter V - The Cure: Breaking Soul Ties. Chapter VI - Preventing Further Harmful Soul Ties, and more!

Find prayers to break unhealthy Soul Ties!

Price: $11.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0892281391
Sale price: $10.95   You Save: $1.00!


Power For Deliverance (Songs of Deliverance)
"Power For Deliverance (Songs of Deliverance)"
Bill Banks
Power For Deliverance: The Songs of Deliverance
Miraculous Testimonies of Deliverance

This book shows that there is help for oppressed, tormented, addicted and compulsive people, and that the solution is as old as the ministry of Jesus Christ.

Find answers to such questions as: Why has modern medicine and science failed to cure millions of emotionally disturbed people? Why are increasing numbers of individuals developing mental disorders? Are people more prone to addiction today than ever before? Is it possible that there is another explanation for the voices people hear, or for the compulsions that they experience? Could it be that the real solution lies within the spirit of man?

From over 30 years of counseling and ministering deliverance, in the United States and abroad, Bill Banks highlights the common root causes of emotional and mental torment, and walks the reader through steps to be set free. Includes a section on preparing for deliverance, prayers for deliverance, and keeping your deliverance.

Read numerous case studies of people who have been delivered from their torments and fears, including testimonies of over 60 spirits...

Deliverance from drugs
Deliverance from abuse of women
Deliverance from anger
Deliverance from cancer
Deliverance from childlessness
Deliverance from smoking
Deliverance from cocaine
Deliverance from disobedience
Deliverance from fears
Deliverance from homosexuality
Deliverance from harlotry
Deliverance from foolishness
Deliverance from hatred
Deliverance from murderous hate
Deliverance from occult spirits
Deliverance from perversion
Deliverance from pornography
Deliverance from rebellion
Deliverance from rejection
Deliverance from bitterness
Deliverance from sleeping disorder
Deliverance from suicide
Deliverance from temper
Deliverance from terror / torment
Deliverance from unforgiveness
Deliverance from witchcraft

...and more!

Our New 2011 Edition Includes a section on the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and its significance for those walking out their deliverance.

Price: $12.95   Paperback
Product Code: 089228031X


Deliverance for Children & Teens
"Deliverance for Children & Teens"
Bill Banks
Deliverance for Children & Teens
A clear, understandable book which shows the many ways spiritual problems try to affect children, and how to effectively minister deliverance for Children and Teens.

Includes discussions on generational or hereditary issues, the role of discipline in the home, ministering to adopted children, and help for the wayward child. Information and cases collected in over 30 years of ministry to families.

Learn simple, surprising truths:
  • The Easiest of all ministry is to small children,
  • Discipline is a basic form of Spiritual Warfare
  • Demonic problems can come through heredity or experience,
  • Deliverance need not be frightening if properly presented.

Includes a list of the most common ways demons enter children (Abuse, Childhood Trauma, Hereditary, Sibling Rivalry, Rejection, Abandonment, Divorce, Exposure to occult, and more). The Mechanics of Ministry section covers topics including: Jesus teaches how to deliver a child, How to pray for the deliverance of a child, When to minister deliverance to a child, and the Stages of deliverance.

Price: $12.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0892280344


Deliverance From Fat & Eating Disorders
"Deliverance From Fat & Eating Disorders"
Bill Banks
Deliverance From Fat & Eating Disorders
Powerful help for those who have been unable to lose weight.

Learn about unnatural weight gain, and common spiritual roots.

Most people really have no idea as to why they overeat, and often live in continual condemnation for not having sufficient will-power to stop. Many have experienced rejection or feel that they are unattractive. There is a solution to obesity, and it is as old as the Ministry of Jesus Christ.

This book reveals dozens of spiritual reasons for unnatural weight gain, as well as eating disorders like Bulimia, Anorexia, Obesity and more. Included are fifteen Testimonies of people who found freedom from the bondage of excess weight! And find prayers for deliverance from fat.

Price: $12.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0892280328
Sale price: $10.95   You Save: $2.00!


Alive Again!
"Alive Again!"
Bill Banks
Alive Again!
Terminal Cancer, 48 Hours to Live

One of the greatest healing testimonies in print. A healing from cancer lasting over 30 years.

With six different terminal conditions, and numerous malignant tumors, read how one man sought the healing accounts in Scripture for strength and encouragement. Follow his story as he fights to live during 6 months of chemotherapy, radiation, and dialysis, and then is told he has only 48 hours to live! When the doctors gave up - God didn't. Find answers to the questions: Is It God's Will To Heal? And, Does God Want To Heal You?

Price: $12.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0892280484
Sale price: $8.95   You Save: $4.00!


Deliverance from Childlessness
"Deliverance from Childlessness"
Bill Banks
Deliverance from Childlessness
Are you aware that the Bible has a lot to say about childlessness? Or, that demonic spirits can - in some cases - prevent childbirth?

This book contains a wealth of information on ministry and healing to childless couples, including:

  • Reports of 9 miraculous births granted to formerly barren women
  • Examples of women healed of barreness
  • Illustrations of children as answers to prayer
  • Instances of children denied because of a curse of childlessness
  • a list of sexual spirits, and more!

This book ministers to women and men with truths to overcome barrenness. Find the first real hope for certain childless couples! Because for some, there is a spiritual block preventing conception.

Learn more about... How curses of childlessness come into being and how they may be broken; Ways that spirits of infertility and sterility enter and how to cast them out. Read 6 testimonies of couples who were infertile and who now have children!

Price: $9.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0892280379
Sale price: $8.95   You Save: $1.00!


Ministering to Abortion's Aftermath
"Ministering to Abortion's Aftermath"
Bill Banks
Ministering to Abortion's Aftermath
Find the Hope that comes through Jesus

Have you had an abortion? Do you carry guilt or fear inside due to this experience? Could miscarriage or infertility be rooted in past abortions? Does Jesus yearn to deliver all who are in bondage? Are you free to be all that God intended you to be?

Millions of women have had abortions. Many were unaware of the physical, emotional and spiritual consequences, and still carry the trauma of the event with them - even in later years. In Ministering to Abortion's Aftermath, read a dozen real-life stories of women who have found deliverance and freedom from the various bondages associated with abortion, including emotional torment, physical complications, and more. Learn how their triumph can be yours.

Discover the strategic steps and simple truths that have led these women, and hundreds more like them, to be set free. This book is full of hope - hope that heals!

Includes the following topics and testimonies:
  • Abortion reveals Satan's hatred for children
  • Abortion has a relationship to affliction
  • The sin of Abortion must be confronted in a person's life
  • Deliverance from abortion-related spirits is part of the modern day ministry of Jesus Christ,
  • and more!

Price: $8.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0892280573


Overcoming Blocks To Healing
"Overcoming Blocks To Healing"
Bill Banks
Overcoming Blocks To Healing
Finding Answers to Some of the Issues Concerning Divine Healing

From 30 years of ministering in hospitals, churches, and homes, Bill Banks presents one of the most important books on healing and the healing ministry to reach the Church! He explains why some people are not healed, and what they can do about it.

Has Jesus changed His mind, or are there blocks to healing as a part of Satan's strategy to keep us sick? Find answers to over 30 questions about God's willingness to heal, including divine revelations about Paul's Thorn, Job's battle with sickness, and the Scriptural distinction between instantaneous miracles and gradual healings. Included are testimonies of people healed from deafness, cancer, blindness, bad backs, crippled legs and arms, and more.

If you, or someone you know is searching for physical healing, this book is full of encouragement, and provides insight into the modern day ministry of Jesus Christ.

Price: $9.99   Paperback
Product Code: 0892281367
Sale price: $8.99   You Save: $1.00!


Bill Banks
Eleven powerful books for one special price!

Order the Bill Banks "Power for Deliverance & Healing Series" for one special price. This package includes his groundbreaking books on deliverance, his cancer healing testimony, and his other revelatory books on healing the sick and oppressed.

  • Breaking Unhealthy Soul Ties
  • STUDY GUIDE: Breaking Unhealthy Soul Ties
  • Songs of Deliverance
  • Deliverance from Fat & Eating Disorders
  • Deliverance for Children & Teens
  • Deliverance from Childlessness
  • Ministering to Abortion's Aftermath
  • Shame Free!
  • Alive Again
  • Overcoming Blocks to Healing
  • Three Kinds of Faith for Healing

Build your knowledge of deliverance and healing, and join the fight to set the captives free, with this one powerful package.

Price: $113.49   Packages
Product Code: BB07 PACK
Sale price: $79.95   You Save: $33.54!


Three Kinds of Faith for Healing
"Three Kinds of Faith for Healing"
Bill Banks
Three Kinds of Faith for Healing
And as a bonus, several other kinds...

Many today have been taught that the only way to receive healing is to have personal faith for your specific healing. We must, it is implied, somehow “work up” or develop enough personal faith in order to be healed, and then we will experience God's move on our body. The implication is that our personal faith is the determining factor, and it will in some manner acquire our healing. There is good news, however, because that teaching is simply not true! There are more ways of being healed than just personal faith, as we have been taught. Jesus, for instance, ministered to the problem of blindness in at least five different ways on various occasions. He was, and is today, creative in His methods. He knows exactly how to minister to the needs of individuals at the level of their spiritual as well as their physical need. Let the simple message contained in this book encourage your heart, your mind and your soul as you seek the Source of true love and compassion for your healing — Jesus Christ.

Also included are thoughts of encouragement for those not yet healed, and a list of favorite healing scriptures.

The author, Bill Banks, had more than 30 years experience praying and interceding for the sick, after being healed of terminal cancer himself (as told in the book ALIVE AGAIN).

Price: $8.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0892281030


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