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Living as Salt and Light
"Living as Salt and Light"
Derek Prince
Living As Salt And Light
God's Call to Transform Your World

From best-selling author and Bible teacher Derek Prince comes a message that was near and dear to his heart: our responsibility as Christians to have an impact on the nations in which we live. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus laid out three important facts: (1) as believers, we are to be the salt of the earth; (2) we are to be the light of the world; and (3) a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden. The world is watching us; we cannot hide. As salt and light, Christians should be a source of both flavor and illumination that influences the world around them.

Unfortunately, many believers have not even begun to think about this. In this ground-breaking book, Derek Prince provides timely teaching on how to...
• Take spiritual initiative in your area of influence
• Utilize the weapon of prayer more effectively
• Understand the power of praise and testimony
• Wage spiritual warfare and defeat the schemes of the devil
• Become history changers for a better world

As Christians, we have a strategic position in our world. And, we have within our grasp the means to change the course of events in our cities and nations.

Price: $14.99   Paperback
Product Code: 1603748997


By Grace Alone
"By Grace Alone"
Derek Prince
By Grace Alone
Finding Freedom and Purging Legalism from Your Life

Do You Long to Lay Hold of God's Grace and Mercy? Do you sometimes feel trapped by a set of religious rules? Does your walk with God feel more like a checklist than a relationship? Do you feel as though you don't really measure up? Then this book is for you!

Trusted Bible teacher Derek Prince shows you that being a Christian is not about being perfect. In fact, he says, we can never live up to the letter of the law. It is only when we let go of our constant striving for perfection that we encounter true perfection. How can that be? This one book will help you discover what really matters so you can embrace the grace of a loving, compassionate God.

It's time to stop striving, to walk away from the lies of legalism and to experience the freeing power of His all-encompassing grace.

"Sin shall not have dominion over you. Why? Because you are not under the Law, but under grace." -- Derek Prince

Price: $13.99   Paperback
Product Code: 0800795644


You Matter To God
"You Matter To God"
Derek Prince
You Matter To God
Discovering Your True Value and Identity in God's Eyes

In his clear and accessible signature style, Derek Prince employs his extraordinary understanding of Scripture to lay out the depth of Jesus' great love for individuals and to help them discover their worth.

Using powerful biblical teachings on the parables of the Hidden Treasure and the Pearl of Great Price, Derek helps free readers from guilt, insecurity, fear, and shame, in order to help them realize how incredibly loved they are.

Price: $12.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0800794885


Bought With Blood
"Bought With Blood"
Derek Prince
Bought With Blood
Divine Exchange At The Cross

In Prince's perennial bestseller, the acclaimed scholar explores the astounding results of Christ's atonement--in place of punishment, wounding, death, poverty, shame, and rejection, he offers forgiveness, healing, life, abundance, glory, and acceptance. Featuring new chapter reviews, this updated edition is ideal for personal or group study.

Price: $13.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0800794249
Sale price: $12.95   You Save: $1.00!


Complete Salvation
"Complete Salvation"
Derek Prince

Salvation — It's more than just a ticket to Heaven when we die. As wonderful as those gifts are, there is much more.

As Derek Prince reveals in this powerful booklet, the work Jesus did on the Cross was perfect in every way and made a great, glorious, complete salvation available to us, but the appropriating of all those benefits and blessings is an ongoing process. As you read, you'll discover what salvation truly is and the steps you can take to receive and enjoy all of its amazing benefits.

Price: $3.95   Paperback
Product Code: C38


Your Full Salvation
"Your Full Salvation"
Peter Hobson
Are you ready for the coming of the Son of God? Whoever you are - wherever you are - this book will give you the direction you need in your life to be ready for Him! Through his studies in the Bible, Peter Hobson has discovered that evangelism, healing and deliverance were part of the Saviourhood of our Lord Jesus. And they are all an effective part of God's end-time plan! Chapter I - Who or What We Are (Spirit & Soul & Body, Blood & Heart, Natural & Spiritual). Chapter II - Our Main Sickness (Sin & Sins, How We Become Infected, Consequences, God's Justice). Chapter III - Your Way Of Escape (How To Be Forgiven, After Conversion, Your Christian Growth). Chapter IV - Going On Strong (Human Will, The Company You Keep, Talking to the Lord, Praising The Lord, Listening to the Spirit, Removing Blocks to Fullness, The Special Case of the End Time). Chapter V - Problems From Which You Can't Run (The World, Flesh, Devil). Chapter VI - Your Great Salvation (Past, Present, Future, Spirit, Body & Soul). Appendix on the Fruit of the Spirit.

Price: $8.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0947252045
Sale price: $2.95   You Save: $6.00!


Israel's Call: How You Can Help Her Fulfill It
"Israel's Call: How You Can Help Her Fulfill It"
Gordon Lindsay
A book published by Gordon Lindsay, written by Shira Sorko-Ram.

Israel's Call
What Jews and Christians Should Understand About Each Other

Does a communication gap exist between you and your Jewish friends? Shira, a messianic Jew, shares how to bridge the chasm between the Jewish and Gentile understanding of salvation.

If you want to reach out to Jewish people, but don't know how, this book is for you. See the Bible through Jewish eyes and learn how to reach your Jewish relatives, friends and neighbors with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Many questions Jewish people ask are answered in this book, including:

• Is it possible to believe in Jesus and be a Jew?
• If there is a God, how could He let 6 million Jews be murdered in the Holocaust?
• Weren't the Nazi's Christians?
• Aren't Christianity and the New Testament anti-Semetic?

And more!

Price: $5.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0899852491


The Doctrine of Baptisms
"The Doctrine of Baptisms"
Derek Prince

At least three different baptisms are mentioned in the Bible, two of which will be covered in this booklet. What are the requirements we need to meet? What new position or state do we attain?

Price: $2.95   Paperback
Product Code: B104


COMPACT DISC SERIES: Four Aspects of the Cross
"COMPACT DISC SERIES: Four Aspects of the Cross"
Derek Prince
COMPACT DISC SERIES (2 CDs) by Derek Prince
Have you ever needed a solid foundation for expelling guilt from your life?

This teaching by Derek is it! Derek explains in clear and concise manner the problem with GUILT in the life of someone who has been purchased by the blood of Jesus.

Satan's #1 weapon against believers in Jesus is GUILT. He uses it constantly to OBSCURE the victory gained for us at the cross. The more the enemy can obscure the cross in our eyes, the LESS effective we become for Jesus. Our passion to talk about Him, to spend time with Him, to worship Him, to approach Him in our time of need is sapped.

Derek makes a powerful distinction between the vagueness of GUILT and the specific nature of CONVICTION by the Holy Spirit.

Need a refresher on how incredible Jesus is? Listen to this 2 part CD message, including:

• God's Remedy for Guilt / Perfect Sacrifice
• The Cross Obscured / The Cross in Your Life

Price: $9.95   Compact Disc
Product Code: CDTS017


Resurrection of the Body
"Resurrection of the Body"
Derek Prince

The resurrection of the body is the first of the foundation doctrines that takes us out of the realm of time and into eternity. Jesus was raised from the dead as the firstfruits, so those who are Christ's will also be raised.

Price: $2.95   Paperback
Product Code: B108


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