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Deliverance for Children & Teens
"Deliverance for Children & Teens"
Bill Banks
Deliverance for Children & Teens
A clear, understandable book which shows the many ways spiritual problems try to affect children, and how to effectively minister deliverance for Children and Teens.

Includes discussions on generational or hereditary issues, the role of discipline in the home, ministering to adopted children, and help for the wayward child. Information and cases collected in over 30 years of ministry to families.

Learn simple, surprising truths:
  • The Easiest of all ministry is to small children,
  • Discipline is a basic form of Spiritual Warfare
  • Demonic problems can come through heredity or experience,
  • Deliverance need not be frightening if properly presented.

Includes a list of the most common ways demons enter children (Abuse, Childhood Trauma, Hereditary, Sibling Rivalry, Rejection, Abandonment, Divorce, Exposure to occult, and more). The Mechanics of Ministry section covers topics including: Jesus teaches how to deliver a child, How to pray for the deliverance of a child, When to minister deliverance to a child, and the Stages of deliverance.

Price: $12.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0892280344


Manual for Children's Deliverance
"Manual for Children's Deliverance"
Frank Hammond
A Manual for Children's Deliverance

Protecting and delivering your child from demonic strongholds.

The Hammond's book for ministering to children, a valuable tool for parents to learn how to set their children free from spiritual bondages. Learn the basics of how to effectively minister deliverance to children.

The Hammonds explore such topics as:
  • Jesus' Ministry to children
  • When the womb is unsafe
  • Methods of deliverance for Children
  • A Child's imagination
  • Occult Infiltration in the world of a child,
  • and more!

Special cases are also covered including:
  Attention Deficit Disorder / Hyperactivity Disorder
  Childhood Autism
  Childhood Sexual Abuse
  Down's Syndrome
  Multiple personality disorder
  Inherited curses among children
  The effect of Divorce on children
  Family Trauma
  Childhood Sickness
  Familiar Spirits,
and more.

A list of demon groupings common among children is listed as well. Learn how to help your child grow in the spirit and in health! (Also available in Spanish)

Price: $12.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0892280786
Sale price: $10.95   You Save: $2.00!


Psalm 91 For Youth
"Psalm 91 For Youth"
Peggy Joyce Ruth
TEENAGERS, God Has An Answer For Your Fears!

Would you like to know how to overcome the fears that plague most young people today? In our time, young people are faced with more worries and uncertainties than in any other generation, but God has not left you without an answer! This book is full to the brim of exciting stories about young people who stood on God's Word and faced their fears - all with miraculous results. Written just for your age.

Price: $8.00   Teen Faith
Product Code: 0892281812


The Little Skunk
"The Little Skunk"
Bill Banks
The Little Skunk
A Fictional Story to Effectively Minister Deliverance to a Child in a Non-Frightening Way

A Favorite Children's Book. An Introduction to prayer and deliverance to be read with Children. A story children can relate to... about a Skunk in a House! The children realize they can pray to make the skunk leave their house.

With full color illustrations...and nothing scary in the story. At the end of the book, you will find instructions for parents to help a child discuss fears and a sample prayer to pray with a child.

Price: $10.99   Hardback
Product Code: 0892281200


Raising Your Children for Christ
"Raising Your Children for Christ"
Andrew Murray
The spiritual health of your child rests in your loving hands to mold and shape for eternity. This practical guidebook to parenting helps you understand the essential qualities of God-loving parents. You will learn how to: Build Your Family In the Lord, Alleviate Stressful Family Situations, Direct Your Children's Steps, Show Your Children How to Live & Grow, Trust In God For the Needs Of Your Family, Have Faith In His Promises, Offer Godly Counsel To Your Children, Bring Your Children To Salvation in Jesus Christ. Learn more about: The Priest in the Home, The Faithful Parent, The Parent's Faith, Household Salvation, Children & The Sabbath, Your Child As God's Possession, Why Parents Fail, The Parent As Prayer-Guardian, Raising a Good Child, Forming Habits in Your Child, When A Child Dies, Training Children for the Lord, and more!

Price: $9.99   Paperback
Product Code: 0883680459


Ministering To Your Family
"Ministering To Your Family"
Kenneth Hagin, Sr.
Ministering To Your Family
Answers To Family Problems.

What can you do to help your loved ones receive salvation? How can you change the behavior of a rebellious teenager? Can you claim anyone you want as your mate? What mistakes are Christians making in raising their children? Herein is a collection of five timely sermons by Kenneth Hagin and his son, Ken Hagin, Jr. Never before have Christian families and marriages been under such attack by Satan and the world system in which we live. Christians must build strong families on the solid Word of God.

Price: $8.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0892764074


Children & Deliverance (#10)
"Children & Deliverance (#10)"
Win Worley
Worley Booklet #10. Topics include: Children & Deliverance, Discipline of Children, Conditional Love, Fairy Tales, Christmas, Dolls, and more. (For more information on this topic, search for DELIVERANCE FOR CHILDREN in the Topic Box above.)

Price: $3.00   Paperback
Product Code: WW10


The Scandal of Child Abuse (#49)
"The Scandal of Child Abuse (#49)"
Win Worley
Worley Booklet #49. Topics discussed: The Shameful Agony on Abused Families, Various Kinds of Abuse, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Symptoms of Abuse, Getting Free, Family Curse of Molestation, Victimized by Incestuous Men, and various Testimonies of Deliverance. (For more info on this topic, search on DELIVERANCE FOR CHILDREN in the Description Box above. Also search on SONGS OF DELIVERANCE in the Title Box above)

Price: $3.00   Paperback
Product Code: WW49


COMPACT DISC: Instruction on Deliverance for Children (5-11) and Parents
"COMPACT DISC: Instruction on Deliverance for Children (5-11) and Parents"
Derek Prince
COMPACT DISC by Derek Prince (1 CD): Dealing with deliverance for children. How does one effectively minister to children? Find out answers here in this audio teaching by Derek Prince.

Price: $6.95   Compact Disc
Product Code: CD6008


Esposos y Padres
"Esposos y Padres"
Derek Prince
Esposos y Padres

El autor afirma que los hombres ausentes o que no se involucran en el hogar son el principal problema de nuestra sociedad. En este libro los varones encontrarán las pautas definitivas para ser esposos y padres comprometidos.

Encuentre exactamente lo que le hace falta para ser esposo y padre de éxito, no son teorías descabelladas ni ideas retrógradas culturalmente influenciadas, sino la verdad sencilla de lo que la Biblia dice acerca de estos roles. Aprenda a bendecir a aquellos que le son mas cercanos: esposa e hijos.

Price: $13.95   Libro en Rústica (Spanish Paperback)
Product Code: 958828564X


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