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Peter Hobson

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Make Yourself Ready (Vol 1)
"Make Yourself Ready (Vol 1)"
Peter Hobson
Book I in Peter Hobson's teaching manual on casting out demons.

We ignore the Ministry of Deliverance at our peril. Deliverance is a genuine ministry provided by Jesus Christ on the cross for the day in which we live. It is too late in God’s timetable to hold back this truth any longer. God’s revelation and solution to our addictions, our fears and our torments must be made known as a matter of urgency. The time is short.

The world is in big trouble and Jesus is coming soon for a beautiful bride – the Universal Church. Unfortunately, if He came today, He would be marrying a very troubled, divided, unclean lady.
The Bride must make herself ready.

The Promised Land was the legal possession of Joshua and the Israelites, yet they still needed to invade the land in battle formation. The battles had to be fought for what was already theirs by right. In the same manner, our legal rights have been obtained – the peace, joy and good fruit of the Kingdom; but now we have to fight for them to become a reality.

The enemies of God are just as reluctant to acknowledge their defeat today as they were in Joshua’s time. We need to lay claim to that which God has provided in His New Covenant if we are to obtain the benefits and victories that the Covenant offers. Now is the time!

Price: $12.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0947252010


Engaging The Enemy (Vol 2)
"Engaging The Enemy (Vol 2)"
Peter Hobson
Book II in Peter Hobson's teaching manual on casting out demons. This second book in his series deals with such topics as: Practical Issues For Ministers Of Deliverance (Single or Group Ministry?, Private Group, Public Group, Sample Meetings, etc), Opening Prayers, Instructions to Demons (Binding, Commanding Spirits, Names & Discernment of Spirits, Talking With Demons, etc), Where to Send Demons, The Transference of Spirits (Beware During Ministry, Beware at Death, Beware When Counseling, Beware of Occult Demonstrations), About The Drama & Manifestation and the Lord's Answer, Self-Deliverance (Beware Lack of Discipline, Lack of Honesty, Lack of Support), Ministry From a Distance, Completing a Deliverance Session, and the need for Ongoing & Continuous Ministry.

Price: $8.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0947252029


Walking In Victory (Vol 3)
"Walking In Victory (Vol 3)"
Peter Hobson
Book III in Peter Hobson's teaching manual on casting out demons. This third book in his Deliverance Ministry Series is in 4 Parts: Chapter I explains the Battle Tactics of the Enemy & The Deliverance Cycle, Deliverance Teaching on The Word (Victory Authority, Faith, Promises), Deliverance Teaching on Maintaining Deliverance (Relapses, Human Will, Attitude, etc) Deliverance Teaching on Prayer Weapons (Forgiveness, Continuous Deliverance, Protection of the Blood, the Fullness of The Holy Spirit, Prosperity) and Deliverance Teaching on Fellowship (Worship & Praise, Sharing, Conduct, Discretion). Chapter II explains Opposition To The Sufferer (Within the World, The Church and Themselves), and Opposition to the Minister (Reaction of the World, Church, Friends & Relatives, Scholars, etc). Chapter III explains Deliverance Failures, False Failures (Bad Habits, False Expectations, Manifestation-Free Deliverance, Partial Victory), Obvious Failures, and Failure on the Part of the Minister (Missing Elements of Determination, Discernment, Authority, and Power). Chapter IV explains the Purpose of Deliverance and The Role It Plays Within the Kingdom and Rule of God.

Price: $8.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0947252037


We All Have Our Demons (Vol 4)
"We All Have Our Demons (Vol 4)"
Peter Hobson
The latest from Australia's top Deliverance minister! This new release discusses:
Levels of demonization on the rise, Changing churches, Discernment, Reincarnation as well as the connection between Sin and demonization.

Specific spirits addressed include:
Spirit of fear
Spirit of stupidity
Spirit of rebellion
Spirit of Epilepsy
Spirit of superstition
Spirit of blasphemy
Spirit of bitterness
Spirit of murder
Spirit of anger
Spirit of lust
Spirit of pride
Spirit of gluttony
Spirit of death
Spirit of infirmity, and more!

Additional topics include: Mind Control, Hearing Voices, False Memory Syndrome, and Icons and Images.

Price: $13.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0947252142
Sale price: $6.95   You Save: $7.00!


Deliverance from Sexual Demons
"Deliverance from Sexual Demons"
Peter Hobson
Freedom from Sexual Addictions...

Millions of people throughout the world have never been taught to exercise responsible restraint in their sex lives, totally misusing the enormous gift entrusted to them by a loving God. The good news is that there is a way of escape, for all those enslaved by lusts.

This book is written that you might experience the Full Salvation that Jesus Christ died to provide you. Peter Hobson exposes the spiritual forces at work behind lusts and shows how to rid yourself and to elude their clutches in the future. He includes a list of moral sins in the New Testament.

Topics covered:
Spirit of lust
Spirit of pornography
Spirit of masturbation
Spirit of fornication
Spirit of frigidty
Spirit of incest
Spirit of transvestism
Spirit of bestiality
Spirit of homosexuality, and more!

Learn more about unclean sexual-spirit manifestations, and What the Bible says about human sexuality. Includes a Curse-Breaking Prayer, and other Appendices.

Price: $15.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0947252088


End-Time Deliverance & Holy Spirit Revival
"End-Time Deliverance & Holy Spirit Revival"
Peter Hobson
A Vision for End-Time Deliverance, including Pursuing Christlikeness, Victory Over Sin, The Real Renewal, and more. The book ties Jesus' ministry of deliverance with the need for cleaning house in the Church to prepare for the End-Times. Includes various prophecies about the ministry of end-time deliverance. Chapters Include: A Vision for the End Time, Specific Prophecy Of Certain Christians, The Magnitude of Human Demonisation, God's Unfolding Plan of Continual Deliverance, Spiritual Gifts of Healing & Discernment Along With End-Time Deliverance Ministry, and more! The Appendix includes specific prophecies for countries of the battle and the Lord's Plan: America, Australian, Continental Europe.

Price: $8.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0947252061
Sale price: $2.95   You Save: $6.00!


Your Full Salvation
"Your Full Salvation"
Peter Hobson
Are you ready for the coming of the Son of God? Whoever you are - wherever you are - this book will give you the direction you need in your life to be ready for Him! Through his studies in the Bible, Peter Hobson has discovered that evangelism, healing and deliverance were part of the Saviourhood of our Lord Jesus. And they are all an effective part of God's end-time plan! Chapter I - Who or What We Are (Spirit & Soul & Body, Blood & Heart, Natural & Spiritual). Chapter II - Our Main Sickness (Sin & Sins, How We Become Infected, Consequences, God's Justice). Chapter III - Your Way Of Escape (How To Be Forgiven, After Conversion, Your Christian Growth). Chapter IV - Going On Strong (Human Will, The Company You Keep, Talking to the Lord, Praising The Lord, Listening to the Spirit, Removing Blocks to Fullness, The Special Case of the End Time). Chapter V - Problems From Which You Can't Run (The World, Flesh, Devil). Chapter VI - Your Great Salvation (Past, Present, Future, Spirit, Body & Soul). Appendix on the Fruit of the Spirit.

Price: $8.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0947252045
Sale price: $2.95   You Save: $6.00!


Religious Spirits: The Blight in the Churches
"Religious Spirits: The Blight in the Churches"
Peter Hobson
Find the harm that religious spirits can do - and are doing - in our churches today.

Chp 1 - Religion & Christianity.
Chp 2 - Religious Spirits in the Churches.
Chp 3 - Personal Religiosity.
Chp 4 - Pharisaism.
Chp 5 - Dangers in Renewal.
Chp 6 - Outside the Churches.
Chp 7 - Counterfeits of the Name Above Every Name, and more.

Price: $10.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0947252126
Sale price: $2.95   You Save: $8.00!


Surviving The Distress Of Nations
"Surviving The Distress Of Nations"
Peter Hobson
A Peter Hobson Booklet on End Time events and signs. He explains what a person can do to be prepared for the soon coming of Jesus Christ. Includes a salvation message and a call to seek deliverance. Specific Topics include: The End of This Age (Israel, Weather Changes, Pole Shifts, Earthquakes, etc), Details of the End of the World, More Warning Signs (Pestilences & Plagues, Stockmarket, Ozone Levels, Identity Cards, Crime, Famine, Pollution, etc), and God's Solution. Learn more about Prophecy and the End Times.

Price: $4.95   Paperback
Product Code: 094725210X


Guidance for Those Receiving Deliverance
"Guidance for Those Receiving Deliverance"
Peter Hobson
This book meets the needs and questions of someone seeking deliverance. It discusses: Interpreting symptoms, Prayer and Restoration,the Christian armour, Discretion, and Opposition from the Church and the World to Deliverance. Specific Chapters Include: Talk About Opposition (Within Your Soul, Within the Church, From the World), How You Can Help Yourself (How To Speed Up Restoration, Prayer, Fellowship, Discretion), Your Restoration (God's Perfect Will For You, How To Be Changed), and Appendices with more!

Price: $4.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0947252096


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