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Peggy Joyce Ruth


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Psalm 91: Gods Umbrella of Protection
"Psalm 91: Gods Umbrella of Protection"
Peggy Joyce Ruth
Many Testimonies of miracles that have happened through praying Psalm 91

Dane -
"The doctor told them that the CAT scans prior to surgery had shown a completely different story from the PET scan the week prior. The first CAT scan indicated there was no cancer in the nodes, so the second scan was done - this one indicating there was no cancer in the nodes or bone! The disease was retreating before their very eyes."

Audra -
"My four year old was riding his bike out in the pasture with the older boys. I had just turned my head to warn my son not to ride his bike down the hill when I realized my younger son had already started down. The next thing I know he had gone off a cliff. When I got to him, he was not moving. He was tangled in the wheel of the bike with his chin twisted past his shoulder, resting on his shoulder blade. His eyes were half open and he was not breathing... On the way to the hospital, we did rescue breathing and tried to hold his head straight, but his eyes were still fixed. The whole time, my sister Cynthia continued to speak Psalm 91 over him and command his body to line up with God's Word. When we got to the hospital, they immediately put a neck brace on him, and by then he had started breathing on his own. As soon as they had the X-ray, it showed an obvious break in the C-1 vertebra. So immediately he was air-flighted to the Children's hospital in Fort Worth. Finally they wheeled him in for more X-rays and for a CAT scan. When the doctor came in he had a very strange look on his face, and he said "He's going to be alright! We don't know how to explain this, but we can find no head trauma (brain swelling or bleeding) and we cannot find a C-1 fracture." They had the X-rays from the previous hospital with the obvious break, but their X-rays showed no sign of a break! Since that day we left the hospital, he has been a perfectly normal, healthy little boy with no side effects from the accident. He is truly a miracle!"

Price: $8.00   Paperback
Product Code: 1942757042


Psalm 91 For Youth
"Psalm 91 For Youth"
Peggy Joyce Ruth
TEENAGERS, God Has An Answer For Your Fears!

"We have a friend named Mr. Bowers who was working in the mines in Clovis, NM, setting off the explosives. One particular day he was ready to set off the charge, when someone tapped him on the shoulder. To his surprise, no one was anywhere around. Deciding that it must have been his imagination, he started once again to push the plunger when he felt another tap on his shoulder. Again, no one was there, so he decided to move all the equipment several hundred feet back up the tunnel. When he finally set of the explosion, the whole top of the tunnel caved in exactly where he had been standing. He knew it was an angel who tapped him on the shoulder that day, as it says in Psalm 91:

"He will give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways."

Would you like to know how to overcome the fears that plague most young people today? In our time, young people are faced with more worries and uncertainties than in any other generation, but God has not left you without an answer! This book is full to the brim of exciting stories about young people who stood on God's Word and faced their fears - all with miraculous results. Written just for your age.

Price: $8.00   Teen Faith
Product Code: 0892281812


My Own Psalm 91 Book
"My Own Psalm 91 Book"
Peggy Joyce Ruth

My Own Psalm 91 Book introduces your child to the value of an intimate relationship with God and the importance of prayer. The images in this book portray a compelling visual and an easy to understand presentation of Psalm 91 for young minds.

Help your child experience this powerful psalm at an early age and learn how to overcome fear!

Also available in Spanish.

AGES 4 - 8

Price: $8.00   Children's Hardback
Product Code: 0892281855


Peggy Joyce Ruth
Real life testimonies of what has happened through praying Psalm 91

"My company held what was called the cloverleaf on the eastern edge of Fallujah from June to September of 2004. From the first of June until the 24th, things were quiet in the city. The morning of the 24th started out with a small concentration of small arms, mortar and RPG fire on our positions, which were still not built or reinforced all that well other than dirt berms and sandbags... I was at the firm base with two squads from the third platoon in high-back Hummers. We could hear fighting from the Forward Operating Base, and when word came we immediately launched to go reinforce the platoon that was there in the fight. When we arrived, we had already taken one casualty, and the fire had intensified to an insane level. The buildings on the northern and western sides gave the insurgents perfect cover to lay intense, concentrated fire on our positions within five hundred meters. Even as our fire support began to come on the scene (CAAT, TOW, AC-201 Spectra gunships), the insurgents did not let up. I just remember praying the whole time - I was praying in the Spirit and praying the 91st Psalm.

Finally, there was a lull after six to seven hour exchange of fire. At that point, we had taken seven casualties, five from our company and two from the supporting units. But even the circumstances of those Marine's wounds were miraculous in nature and we did not have a single KIA (killed in action). Sniper fire had resulted in two of our Marines being shot in the head. In both cases, however, the bullets had not penetrated the bone - the only left a gash where the bullet traveled along the skull. Another Marine was hit in the right knee. The bullet went right under the kneecap and between the bones, leaving a clean penetration that has not impaired his full recovery. I consider all this miraculous considering what the wounds could have been under those conditions..." - A Portion of Jacob Weise's testimony, Corporal US Marine Corps

Psalm 91 has been the soldier's prayer. From the time of the Civil War to present day conflicts, countless soldiers have recorded thousands of stories of miraculous interventions. This Psalm, and its 16 short verses, carry promise of protection from every evil known to man. This book explains the covenant of protection promised in Psalm 91 specifically for military personnel and their families!

Price: $8.00   Paperback
Product Code: 1599790793


Those Who Trust The Lord Shall Not Be Disappointed
"Those Who Trust The Lord Shall Not Be Disappointed"
Peggy Joyce Ruth
Is there a yearning in your heart to trust God more? Those who trust in the Lord shall not be disappointed! This is the theme for this remarkable book on God's provision and answer to prayer. Deep down, we direct our disappointments toward God - thinking that somehow He let us down.

We trust God for eternal life; why then do we not trust Him amid the adversities of daily life? Peggy Joyce Ruth has a unique way of showing that victorious living depends on our unwavering trust in God. She demonstrates with scores of personal experiences just how faithful God really is and details how you can develop that kind of trust which will not disappoint! Learn how you can trust the Lord for your daily life and needs.

Price: $8.00   Paperback
Product Code: 089228174X


STUDY GUIDE: Psalm 91 Gods Umbrella of Protection
"STUDY GUIDE: Psalm 91 Gods Umbrella of Protection"
Peggy Joyce Ruth
STUDY GUIDE to Psalm 91 God's Umbrella and for Psalm 91 Military Edition.

This companion workbook and study guide to Psalm 91 will be worth its weight in gold for those serious about studying this Psalm. This workbook is created to give you a deeper understanding of the protection God has provided for believers, to help you apply Psalm 91 right where you are living.


Price: $8.00   Paperback
Product Code: 9781942757016


Tormented: 8 Years And Back
"Tormented: 8 Years And Back"
Peggy Joyce Ruth
Tormented - the heartwarming story of a young woman's struggle through eight years of emotional illness, electrical shock treatments, prescription drugs and hopelessness - culminating in absolute victory, made possible only by God's supernatural delivering power.

Tormented is a powerful deliverance testimony, and a handbook of how to keep your deliverance. It has been quoted as being the best resource available on dealing with the "thought life" following deliverance... how to keep the mind free from the enemy's torment.

This book not only describes Peggy Joyce's victorious deliverance, but it also gives step by step instructions on preparing for deliverance, appropriating God's deliverance, as well as advice that can assure one of steering clear of these demonic pitfalls in the first place.

Includes a foreword by Frank Hammond.

Find deliverance testimonies of -
Deliverance from prison
Deliverance from drugs
Deliverance from bulimia (eating disorders)
Deliverance from learning disabilities
Deliverance from Hepatitis and Chronic Fever
Deliverance from Spirits in the home
Deliverance from Sexual Sins
Deliverance from Shyness
Deliverance from Sleeping Disorder
Deliverance from Anxiety
Deliverance from Mental Torment
Deliverance from Night torment

Price: $10.00   Paperback
Product Code: 0892281774


Psalm 91 for Mothers
"Psalm 91 for Mothers"
Peggy Joyce Ruth
Psalm 91 for Mothers
God's Shield of Protection for Your Children

A Place of Total Protection for Your Family...
Did you know there is a place in God—a secret place—for those who want to seek refuge? It is a haven of physical safety and security that God tells us about in the Ninety-First Psalm—the one place in the Bible where all of the protection promises of God are brought together.

In Psalm 91 for Mothers Peggy Joyce Ruth guides you through a personal study of this psalm, explaining verse by verse God’s promises of protection, provision, and blessing for your children. Drawing from her personal experience as a mother and grandmother, she covers topics such as:

· Accessing God’s shelter in times of danger
· Protection from evils over which we have no control
· Intervention of God’s angels on your child’s behalf
· Teaching your child to call on God for protection

Price: $12.99   Paperback
Product Code: 9781616387341


Psalm 91 - Real Life Stories of Protection
"Psalm 91 - Real Life Stories of Protection"
Peggy Joyce Ruth
Blessed assurance for turbulent times! Offering an in-depth look at "protection" promises, Ruth walks you verse by verse through Psalm 91 to open your eyes to God's presence. Her comforting insights---and the personal testimonies of others---will help you turn away from fear and terror, and trust that God's supportive shield surrounds you.

Price: $14.99   Paperback
Product Code: 9781616381479


Salmo 91
"Salmo 91"
Peggy Joyce Ruth
Historias Verídicas del Escudo Protector de Dios y Cómo este Salmo le Ayuda a Usted y los que Ama...

Salmo 91 presenta un comprensivo punto de vista en el único lugar en la Biblia donde todas las promesas de protección están reunidas en una misma colección. Los lectores son llevados por el salmo verso por verso y se le da una explicación detallada de las promesas de protección.

Este libro lleva el mensaje de la protección de Dios para cada persona no importa lo oscura que luzca la situación.

Contiene historias y ejemplos de personas de todas las profesiones y condiciones sociales que han sido animadas al crear conciencia del pacto de protección de Dios.

Price: $8.00   Libro en Rústica (Spanish Paperback)
Product Code: 9781616383190


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