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Mitsi Burton

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Jezebel and the Goddesses
"Jezebel and the Goddesses"
Mitsi Burton
Although Jezebel was a historic queen, her name still evokes thoughts of Seduction, Lust and Intrigue. It reflects an evil woman who manipulated and used those around her to accomplish her own selfish goals. Many modern women will be surpised to learn that her spirit is still operating today. Within this book, find Spiritual Truths on: The Workings of Witchcraft Today, The Meaning Behind The Jezebel Spirit, The Jezebellic Mother, Casting Out Ahab & Jezebel, Specific Names Related To Ahab & Jezebel, and How You Can Defeat The Attacks Of The Enemy. Also read Specific Testimonies of Deliverances!

Price: $9.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0892280840
Sale price: $7.95   You Save: $2.00!


Power To Tread
"Power To Tread"
Mitsi Burton
The Power to Tred - Deliverance & Exorcism Guidelines for Christians. From the author of "Jezebel & the Goddesses." The Lord spoke audibly to the author telling her 'loud and clear,' "You Have Demons and You Must Get Them Out!" Thus began a life changing journey, the fruit of which is reflected in this manual. The author introduces the reader to the basics of deliverance, and then explains the legal rights of demons - such as those resulting from personal sins, sins of the fathers, curses, the occult, evil soul ties, physical and emotional trauma, other religions and cults. She also explains clearly how to receive needed ministry, as well as how to minister deliverance to others. This is a deliverance manual that you will treasure!

Price: $19.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0892281596


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