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Kathryn Kuhlman

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I Believe in Miracles
"I Believe in Miracles"
Kathryn Kuhlman
She believed in miracles, and this belief enabled thousands to take hold of God's power. In this book, you will meet 21 ordinary people whose hope for healing was answered!

Healing testimonies include: A man throws away his crutches and is healed of crippling, blind eyes are restored to sight, A woman's heart condition is healed. Actual accounts of healings from Cancer, Bone & Limb Deformity, Lung Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Water-On-The-Brain, Drugs, Goiter, Skin Afflictions, Arthritis, Alcoholism and more!

Price: $14.99   Paperback
Product Code: 0882706578


Nothing Is Impossible With God
"Nothing Is Impossible With God"
Kathryn Kuhlman
Mr. Levrier is healed of intestinal cancer. Ms. Bergeron is healed of crippling and painful arthritis. Mr. Greenway walks out of his wheelchair. A wife is healed in seconds from 20 years of back pain. Through this book, you will experience the explosive power and excitement of the miracle services, and find hope! Healing Testimonies: Infant Hip Displacement, Multiple Sclerosis, Leukemia, Emphysema, Migraines, Kidney Disease, Bone Cancer, Lymph Node Cancer, Pancreatitis, Paralysis, & more. A best seller!

Price: $16.99   Paperback
Product Code: 088270656X
Sale price: $14.99   You Save: $2.00!


God Can Do It Again
"God Can Do It Again"
Kathryn Kuhlman
Testimonies of God's wonder-working power. Kathryn has brought together the first-person stories of 19 people healed of many afflications, each with its own chapter. Healing testimonies include: Spinal Injury, Corneal Damage, Hodgkin's Disease, Depression & Grief, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Brain Damage, & Epilepsy. Concludes with the Chapter on Why Some Are Not Healed. Each page radiates Kathryn's love for God and His love for all mankind. A best seller!

Price: $15.99   Paperback
Product Code: 0882707108
Sale price: $14.99   You Save: $1.00!


Greatest Power in the World
"Greatest Power in the World"
Kathryn Kuhlman
The first book compiled from Kathryn's teachings on the power of the Holy Spirit. Hear what God has spoken to her about His Holy Spirit during their many hours of private communication! Learn more about: The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament, The Holy Spirit in the New Testament, How To Be Filled With the Holy Spirit, The Spirit-Filled Life, The Seal of the Holy Spirit, How the Holy Spirit Can Be Grieved, Q&A Regarding the Spirit, A Special Prayer for the Reader, and more! Learn more about the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Price: $12.99   Paperback
Product Code: 0882706179


Daughter of Destiny
"Daughter of Destiny"
Kathryn Kuhlman
Kathryn Kuhlman's Official Biography, Commemorative Edition. "She Spoke of God and Miracles." In the 50 years of her ministry, she may have personally brought the Lord's love and power before 100 million people! And wherever she went, people who once thought miracles impossible, learned to believe in miracles. Here then is the story, not of a plaster saint but a very real person - of marriage and divorce, of betrayal within her own staff, of the shadowy events that surrounded her death. It is her story, as she wanted it told - all of it! This Commemorative Edition is enhanced with personal photographs from Kathryn's family illustrating her life story.

Price: $15.99   Paperback
Product Code: 0882707841
Sale price: $14.99   You Save: $1.00!


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