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John Eckhardt


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Prophet Arise
"Prophet Arise"
John Eckhardt
Prophet Arise - Your Call To Boldly Speak The Word Of The Lord

Something is stirring inside of you, but it has been silenced, gravely undermined, and misunderstood. You must believe that God has not forgotten you. He has not sidelined you. You are not crazy. Prophet, arise! Come out of your cave and be encouraged to speak forth the word of the Lord. God is calling you to be His Trumpet and to sound the alarm.

The body of Christ desperately needs prophets to awaken and go forth. Whether you have never spoken a prophetic word or you actively engage your gift, best-selling author John Eckhardt provides an unparalleled, inspiring teaching for you. He boldly reveals the characteristics of a prophet that may lie dormant in your life so God can launch you into your calling. You will learn:

• Unique characteristics of a prophet
• The details of a prophet’s call
• What moves a prophet’s heart and stirs the anointing
• The rewards a prophet brings to those who receive them
• How to find healing and deliverance for the prophet who has been hurt

And much more!

Price: $12.99   Paperback
Product Code: 9781629986388


Deliverance And Spiritual Warfare Manual
"Deliverance And Spiritual Warfare Manual"
John Eckhardt
Deliverance And Spiritual Warfare Manual
A Comprehensive Guide To Living Free

Bringing much needed light to the topic of spiritual warfare, this comprehensive guide names specific demons, spirits, strongholds, and manifestations, and it provides biblical teaching, tactics, and strategies for defeating them so readers can see their lives return to the place that God designed.

Price: $16.99   Paperback
Product Code: 1621366251
Sale price: $15.99   You Save: $1.00!


John Eckhardt
Dismantling Satan's Plan To Destroy Your Foundation

We all know people who sometimes act in polar opposites: the minister who is godly,
prayerful, and holy at times, yet has periods of sin and perversion; the person who is
outgoing and cheerful, yet falls into bouts of withdrawal and depression; or the person
who is gentle and kind, yet has periods of outburst and rage.

Unshakeable is a teaching unlike any other from best-selling author John Eckhardt on
breaking the most binding, demonic force: double-mindedness. Through this powerful
book you will develop a firm, Christlike identity that will not be easily shaken by this world.
You will learn how to overcome the manifestations of double-mindedness that result in:

• Broken marriages and divorce
• Indecision and passivity
• Bitterness and anger
• Hurt and offense
• Fear and rejection
• Spiritually rooted sickness and disease
And much more!

Price: $16.99   Paperback
Product Code: 1629985945
Sale price: $14.99   You Save: $2.00!


Fasting For Breakthrough And Deliverance
"Fasting For Breakthrough And Deliverance"
John Eckhardt
Fasting For Breakthrough And Deliverance
Pray. Believe. Receive.

Matthew 17:21 tells us that there are some spirits in a person, region, or nation that cannot be overcome without fasting. Many believers struggle with certain limitations that they cannot seem to break through. A revelation of the power of fasting will result in victories that would not be ordinarily obtained. A life of consistent fasting will cause many victories to manifest. God’s will is for every believer to live a life of victory with nothing being impossible.

There is freedom from the torment of the enemy!
Best-selling author and trusted teacher on deliverance, John Eckhardt reveals strongholds that can be broken including poverty, sickness, witchcraft, sexual impurity, pride, fear, confusion, and marital problems. Fasting will help readers to overcome these manifestations of oppression and break free from their limitations.

Price: $12.99   Paperback
Product Code: 1629986461


Prayers That Rout Demons
"Prayers That Rout Demons"
John Eckhardt
This book contains powerful warfare prayers and decrees taken from Scripture that will break the powers of darkness and release the blessings and favor of God. With an introduction to spiritual warfare and biblical principles for praying to overcome demonic influence and oppression, this book teaches readers specifically how to release the fire of the living God to: - Preach - Prophesy - Heal the sick - Cast out demons

Price: $10.99   Paperback
Product Code: 159979246X


Daily Declarations For Spiritual Warfare
"Daily Declarations For Spiritual Warfare"
John Eckhardt
NEW 2011 Title!

Daily Declarations For Spiritual Warfare - Biblical Principles To Defeat The Devil

Defeat the Devil and Rout His Demons… Every Day of the Year!

With the same bold, declarative style as the best-selling book Prayers That Rout Demons, this daily guide gives you inspiration, understanding, and direction for actively confronting demonic strongholds.

Each day’s text is written from God’s point of view, giving you the power and wisdom to pray for your needs or the needs of others. Each day includes:

• My Call to Battle—wisdom and counsel from God’s perspective on a specific topic

• Prayer Declaration—a scripture-based prayer and an opportunity to identify someone to pray for

• Word from God—a specific Bible verse focused on the day’s topic

Price: $15.99   Hardback
Product Code: 1616384433


Prayers That Activate Blessings
"Prayers That Activate Blessings "
John Eckhardt
Prayers That Activate BlessingsExperience The Protection Power & Favor Of God for You and your Loved Ones

Are you frustrated with your life? Are you struggling to find breakthrough and feeling like you are spinning your wheels? Well, struggle no more!

John Eckhardt shows you how to move from the mundane into the supernatural favor of God. The key is simply asking. Ask God to bless you—He will always hear and answer!

Filled with powerful prayers for abundance, well-being, and favor, Prayers That Activate Blessings is the definitive resource for…

• Learning to walk in covenant blessing and the blessing of obedience
• Hearing the voice of God and being blessed
• Accessing the many different ways to receive God’s blessing

Prayers and confession of Scripture are two of the most powerful weapons we have in life. Break the powers of darkness, and release the blessings and favor of God in your life today!

Price: $9.99   Paperback
Product Code: 1616383704


Invisible King And His Kingdom
"Invisible King And His Kingdom"
John Eckhardt
Invisible King And His Kingdom
How To Understand Operate In & Advance Gods Will for Healing, Deliverance and Miracles!

The Kingdom of God Is Near...During His ministry on earth, Jesus repeatedly talked about, explained, and defined the kingdom of God. When He announced that the kingdom was at hand, it was the turning point in human history. But what did He mean? And how does it apply to our families and our communities today?

In The Invisible King and His Kingdom, John Eckhardt presents the good news about God’s promises for our world and how to obtain them. Challenging the negative worldview of many Christians, he explains the realities of the kingdom of God that is here now and gives answers to important questions such as…

• What are the signs of the kingdom of God?
• How do we walk in and access this kingdom?
• How do we live in this kingdom?
• How do we operate in the power and the authority of this kingdom?

The kingdom of God has been forcefully advancing since the days of John the Baptist, and it is still advancing today! Discover how to seize the kingdom for healing, deliverance, and faith and how to demonstrate authority over the powers of darkness.

Price: $15.99   Paperback
Product Code: 1616382791


Ordinary People Extraordinary Power
"Ordinary People Extraordinary Power"
John Eckhardt

Ordinary People Extraordinary Power - Be Activated to heal, deliver, prophesy, preach and demonstrate God's kingdom.

Believers need to be activated to demonstrate the kingdom through healing, deliverance, prophecy, and preaching. The apostolic culture includes worship, deliverance, apostolic teams, prophecy, ordaining, establishing, pioneering, evangelizing, prayer, teaching, helps, governments, missions, healing, the Gifts of the Spirit, holiness, impartation, and church government. All of these will be discussed in this book in order to help leaders and believers move in apostolic power and authority.

Price: $14.99   Paperback
Product Code: 1616381663


50 Truths Concerning The Apostolic Ministry
"50 Truths Concerning The Apostolic Ministry"
John Eckhardt
Setting the Record Straight on Apostolic Ministry

How can you tell the true from the false?

How can you tell if a particular ministry is from God or not?

The term apostle is one which has been a part of the New Testament Church from its inception. It is also an office that has been denied, abused, overstated, and understated by those who are biblically uninformed in today's Church.

In this informative book, John Eckhardt, provides 50 clear distinctions of apostolic ministry as revealed in Gods word. These characteristics will equip you to understand this significant ground-breaking ministry. Not only will you learn how to detect the true from the false, but you will receive the spiritual liberty to fully honor and appreciate this vital gift that God has set in His Church.

Price: $6.99   Paperback
Product Code: 098226531X


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