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Gordon Lindsay


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Commissioned With Power
"Commissioned With Power "
Gordon Lindsay
AN EXTENSIVE OVERVIEW OF THE GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT! Gordon Lindsay's series on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit has, for the first time, been combined into one beautiful new volume. His original book series has been used around the world in Bible Schools, Churches and Home Study groups. Find teaching and valuable insight on the Baptism and each of the nine Spiritual Gifts: Knowledge, Wisdom, Healing, Discernment, Miraculous Power, Faith, Tongues, Interpretation, and Prophecy! Learn more about the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Price: $20.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0899851983
Sale price: $18.95   You Save: $2.00!


Prayer & Fasting
"Prayer & Fasting"
Gordon Lindsay
Gordon Lindsay's book on the Intercessory Power of prayer and fasting, the keys to the impossible. Find: Important facts about fasting, Right & wrong ways to fast, Case Studies on Prayer & Fasting that saved lives, Fasting in the New Testament Church, Fasting for revival, and much more.

Price: $6.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0899850766


Prayer That Moves Mountains
"Prayer That Moves Mountains"
Gordon Lindsay
Gordon Lindsay is best remembered as a man to whom prayer was as essential as breathing. This book contains the essence of his teachings on prayer, and is regarded as a classic. Learn more about: The Secret of Praying the Will of God, The Secret of Knowing What To Pray For, The Hinderances to Prayer, Increasing Power in Prayer 10-Fold, The Authority of Prayer, Prayer and Fasting, Intercessory Prayer and more!

Price: $11.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0899850782


Charismatic Ministry
"Charismatic Ministry"
Gordon Lindsay
"Our prayer is that God will raise up an army of Spirit-filled ministers who will pray and labor as never before. The time of the great Harvest still lingers, but it will soon be ended." Learn more about: The Call of God, Qualifications for the Ministry, Understanding People, The Place of Prayer, The Gift of Prophecy, the Healing Ministry, the Power of Faith, Why Some Ministers Fail, the roles of the Pastor & the Evangelist, Are There Apostles today?, The Baptism, and more!

Price: $11.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0899851223


Answers to Difficult Questions Concerning Divine Healing
"Answers to Difficult Questions Concerning Divine Healing"
Gordon Lindsay
A Gordon Lindsay booklet. Find answers to tough questions regarding God's healing power & His will to heal: Is Some Faith Always Needed?, Was Paul Sick?, Does God Heal the Children of the Unsaved?, Can An Affliction Return?, What Is The Purpose of Anointing Oil? and more! (For Related Material: search for 'Three Kinds of Faith For Healing' in the Title Box above).

Price: $4.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0899850251


21 Reasons Why Christians Should Speak in Tongues
"21 Reasons Why Christians Should Speak in Tongues"
Gordon Lindsay
A Gordon Lindsay booklet that lists 21 reasons why Christians are blessed and bless others through praying in Tongues.

Price: $4.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0899852696


Israel's Call: How You Can Help Her Fulfill It
"Israel's Call: How You Can Help Her Fulfill It"
Gordon Lindsay
A book published by Gordon Lindsay, written by Shira Sorko-Ram.

Israel's Call
What Jews and Christians Should Understand About Each Other

Does a communication gap exist between you and your Jewish friends? Shira, a messianic Jew, shares how to bridge the chasm between the Jewish and Gentile understanding of salvation.

If you want to reach out to Jewish people, but don't know how, this book is for you. See the Bible through Jewish eyes and learn how to reach your Jewish relatives, friends and neighbors with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Many questions Jewish people ask are answered in this book, including:

• Is it possible to believe in Jesus and be a Jew?
• If there is a God, how could He let 6 million Jews be murdered in the Holocaust?
• Weren't the Nazi's Christians?
• Aren't Christianity and the New Testament anti-Semetic?

And more!

Price: $5.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0899852491


Praying to Change The World
"Praying to Change The World"
Gordon Lindsay
This book contains a series of lessons on prayer, and these teachings show how you can tap into the resources of infinite power - power which can change the course of your life. These lessons reveal the secrets of men of God, from past ages down to our present day, who overcame all hindrances and whose prayers have made history and helped change the world of their generation. Learn more about the prayers of Moses, Joshua, Samuel, Elijah, the Early Church. Also learn about the Presence of God, the Model Prayer of Jesus, Seven Things for which we are to pray, When Prayer is Not Immediately Answered, Prayer for the Sick, and more!

Price: $6.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0899859569


How You Can Be Healed
"How You Can Be Healed"
Gordon Lindsay
A Gordon Lindsay booklet. Learn more about: The General Cause of Sickness, Why Does God Heal?, Is It God's Will to Heal You?, How You Can Be Healed, How To Keep Your Healing, How to Turn Faith Loose and Receive Your Healing.

Price: $4.95   Paperback
Product Code: 089985026X


Art of Successful Praying
"Art of Successful Praying"
Gordon Lindsay
Gordon Lindsay was a man of prayer. In this booklet he explains the discipline and secrets behind living a life of prayer. Chapters include:

The School of Prayer
Prayer Begins with Repentance
Praying the Will of God
Power of Confession & Intercession
Power of Praise
and more!

Price: $4.95   Paperback
Product Code: 0899850790


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